Watoto Art Play Tips

Build your child's confidence with the help of dolls

Using a doll that represents the child is an effective way to build the child's confidence. Here are 5 concrete tips on how to proceed!

Help your child explore and understand emotions with the help of dolls

In a world where emotions can sometimes be difficult to understand, especially for young children, dolls can be a powerful tool to help identify and manage different emotions. Here are some concrete tips on how you can use dolls to support the child in his emotional development.

Dolls for children between 0-12 years

This play guide is designed to promote creativity and learning. The play guide makes playtime a meaningful part of everyday life. Have fun and enjoy your playtime!

How children play with dolls through the years - from newborn to 10 years

Playing with dolls is a timeless and important part of children's development. By using their imagination and creativity, children can create their own worlds and explore different roles and relationships. Here is an overview of how children play with dolls at different ages.

How we stopped breastfeeding in a playful way

Now I have stopped breastfeeding for the last time. I hadn't planned on breastfeeding for this long but since it was working so well for us there was no reason to stop...until I realized I was becoming a walking pacifier

Conflict management using dolls

When two children get into a conflict, bring out two dolls that represent the children and let the children retell the incident with help and role play and puppetry. Join and guide the children in finding a good solution.

5 tips for a smooth and safe schooling

5 tips to create a harmonious, smooth and safe schooling!

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