Närbild på händer som varsamt syr en watoto arts docka

Handmade with Love

Each Watoto Art doll is a small work of art, handmade with passion and pride by our skilled seamstresses in Stockholm.

Watoto Art dolls are designed and sewn to last a lifetime and withstand all types of play. We use strong and double stitching to ensure the doll can withstand a lot of play and last a lifetime.

Infographic över en watoto arts docka, docka är mjuk, ekologisk och handgjord.

Unique dolls

Watoto Art dolls are produced in a small-scale, transparent and sustainable way. We take no shortcuts and only the best is good enough for the children's play and future.

En hand visar hur en stor watoto arts docka kan bära bebisar i famnen.

Add a baby doll

Combine your Watoto Arts doll with a baby doll of your choice. We want to celebrate that all families are different, the baby doll therefore does not have to have the same skin color as the parent doll. You choose!

Infopgraphic över en watoto arts bebisdocka, dockan är ekologisk, giftfri och mjuk.

Easy-to-grip baby dolls

The baby doll has a perfect size for small baby hands and is super interesting to grab, squeeze and chew on.

It is also a perfect tool for prospective older siblings. Involve and introduce older siblings with the help of the baby doll!

Fyra Watoto arts dockor som visar att man kan ha olika typer av brodyr på kläderna, ett namn eller ett personligt meddelande som "jag älskar dig"

Personalize with an embroidery

Make your doll even more unique by adding an optional embroidered text. Can it be a name or a love message, you choose!

This is an unbeatable gift for baptism, baby shower or birthday.

Tre dockor för lekterapi dockorna har diabetes, en docka har ett ärr över bröstet och en docka har hörapparat.

Representation is our guiding light

For us, it is important that every child should be able to reflect themselves in their dolls.

Watoto Art dolls are available in a range of different looks, reflecting the diversity of society.

In addition to dolls of different skin colors and different hair colors, we also have therapy dolls, have you seen them?

Watoto arts snuttefilt med snällt ansikte

For the very little ones

A super soft swaddle blanket that is made from organic materials that make it gentle and safe for the very youngest children.

Add a baby doll and an embroidery and you have a perfect gift for a newborn, naming or birthday.

En tabell som förklarar om man ska fylla sin docka med ull eller med polyester

Sheep wool or Recycled polyester?

At Watoto Arts, you have the option of choosing whether you want to fill your doll with sheep's wool or with recycled polyester.

Both materials have fine properties.

Wool is a natural and biodegradable product that comes from sheep.

Recycled polyester is a vegan alternative that comes from recycled plastic.

Both materials make for a soft and cuddly doll.

Both materials can be washed according to the washing instructions.