Soon it will be time for enrollment in preschool - an emotional time for both parents and children. It's completely normal to feel a lump in your stomach as the big day approaches. Separating from your beloved child can be emotional.

But don't worry, today we share our 5 best tips to create a harmonious, smooth and safe schooling!

1. Visit and play in the preschool yard when the preschool is closed. This helps the child to get used to the new place, making the transition easier on the start day itself.

2. Tell the child about the preschool in a positive way. Play together "preschool" where your child can act as an educator and you as a preschooler feel free to incorporate dolls here. This allows the child to play out their feelings and questions about preschool.

3. A little on your gut, you know your child best. Take the time to talk to the staff, ask questions about routines, activities and anything else you wonder about.

4. Adapt the schooling to your child. Try implementing some of the preschool routines at home for recognition and a smoother transition. Stay with the child until he feels safe in the preschool.

5. Bring asoft doll to bedtime to create security.

"first we used the doll in a role play to tell about how it works at the preschool, then we took the doll with us when we visited the preschool and finally my daughter got to take the doll with her to bedtime at the preschool. Enrollment went great!"

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