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Explore Watoto Art's organic doll clothes that enrich children's doll play and invite you to a magical world where anything is possible.

This is a handmade green polka dot jumpsuit with a yellow front pocket.

The best thing about Watoto Art doll clothes is that they allow all dolls to wear a child. All doll clothes have a small pocket where a baby doll can fit and can be worn by the big dolls. You can choose which doll you combine with baby, all families are different and that's good!

When the children change clothes on the doll, they practice fine motor skills and care.

When children add a baby to the doll's clothes, it becomes possible for children to play different roles and create imaginative stories.

With Watoto Art doll clothes, you and your child can give life to endless adventures and let your imagination run free. Explore our range and see how our doll clothes and doll accessories can open up a world of possibilities for play and learning!

The clothes fit all dolls and are made of 100% organic cotton.

Don't forget you can have a name or message embroidered on your doll!

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3 advantages of a Watoto Arts doll

  • Quality handmade dolls
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly dolls produced in Sweden
  • Wide representation among the dolls

3 advantages of puppet play

  • Develops empathy and social skills with inclusive dolls
  • Screen-free quality time
  • Soft dolls provide comfort and security

Wool or polyester?

At Watoto Arts, you have the opportunity to personally choose whether you want to fill your doll with sheep's wool or with recycled polyester. Both materials have fine properties.

Wool is a natural and biodegradable product that comes from sheep.

Polyester is an alternative that comes from recycled plastic.

Both materials make for a soft and cuddly doll. Both materials can be washed according to the washing instructions.

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