Dolls that contribute to a softer society

Designed and produced in Sweden

Quality hand-sewn dolls

Discover our inclusive dolls that help your child develop empathy and creativity

Vi arbetar hållbart

We work sustainably

Change leader 2022

Change leader 2022

Vi bidrar till de globala målen

We contribute to the global goals


"Our names are Maya, Shiva and Amara, three hand-sewn soft friends designed and created in Sweden by Watoto Arts"

We at Watoto Arts think that diversity in play is important and we want, with the help of our dolls, to create the conditions for inclusive play that challenges society's norms.

We want all children to feel included and allowed to develop, regardless of how we look and where we live.


We are Watoto

Accessories from leftover fabric

We use all leftover fabric to create accessories. Nothing goes to waste and we are proud of that!


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There are fights at every turn about who will sleep with the doll
— Sumaya
You make it possible for my son to grow up in a more inclusive society
— Neely
I never recognized myself in my dolls when I was little. Now I finally have a doll for my kid that feels so right
— Aisha
Billie loves her doll. The doll goes with EVERYWHERE. I'll probably have to buy a new one soon to have as a spare, the world would end if we lost the doll. Thank you so much for the doll! We love your work 🙏🏼
— Beatrice