Playing with dolls is a timeless and important part of children's development. By using their imagination and creativity, children can create their own worlds and explore different roles and relationships. Here is an overview of how children play with dolls at different ages.

Newborn to 1 year :

  • During this early phase of life, the child is still on his journey of discovery and developing his senses.

  • Dolls with soft materials and contrasting colors can attract attention and stimulate the eye.

  • The child can explore the doll by petting it, pulling it or simply using it as a security and huggable friend

1 to 3 years

  • During this period, the child begins to mimic and imitate the behaviors and interactions of adults.

  • Playing with dolls gives the child the opportunity to understand and imitate everyday situations such as cooking, dressing himself or taking care of a baby .

  • The child can also use the dolls to express their own feelings and process different situations.

3 to 5 years

  • At this age, the child's social and emotional abilities develop further.

  • Play with dolls becomes more interactive and often involves other children or adults.

  • Through role play and dramatization, the child can experiment with different roles and relationships, which helps to understand others' perspectives and practice cooperation.

5 to 7 years

  • Now the puppets become more imaginative and complex.

  • The child can create his own stories and adventures with his dolls and create a whole world around them.

  • The game can involve different themes such as superheroes, princesses or adventurers and helps to develop the child's language, storytelling skills and creative thinking.

7 to 10 years

  • At this age, the puppeteers can be more focused on creating their own scenarios.

  • The child can be more involved in creating and designing clothes or accessories for their dolls.

  • Play can also include more complex stories and role plays, helping the child to continue to develop their imagination and creativity.

Play with dolls an integral part of children's development over the years. Regardless of age, it provides the opportunity for creativity, imagination and learning. So let's encourage children to play with dolls and give them the opportunity to explore and create their own worlds.

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June 27, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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