Did you know that play is a central part of children's development and learning? It is through play that our little ones get ready for all the different milestones in their development.
Using the game to have a smoother everyday life is therefore a simple tip that actually works!
Sure, it can be difficult sometimes with routines and tasks such as brushing your teeth, eating food, getting dressed, sleeping on time...yes, the list can be long. It's easy to fall into the nagging trap, especially if you yourself are tired 😅

Children understand the routines better when we make them concrete and make the routines more tangible. The more senses involved the better.
Because dolls represent us humans, they are a perfect tool to use to facilitate communication with children.
Here are two tricks you can try to make communication and collaboration easier and more fun with the children.
  • The next time a routine feels difficult, take out the doll and let the doll tell the child what to do. Let the child communicate with the doll.
  • When two children get into a conflict, bring out two dolls that represent the children and let the children retell the incident with the help of role-playing and puppetry. Join and guide the children in finding a good solution.
Communication becomes much more fun and easier when a doll is involved!
Try it and you'll see!

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