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Watoto Arts is the family business that designs and produces inclusive toys that are manufactured in a fair and sustainable way in our own premises in Stockholm

Having a local production means that we can carefully review every step and guarantee that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards. This also enables us to quickly adapt our production to customer needs. Every product that leaves our hands undergoes a rigorous quality control. We guarantee that you will receive a product that exceeds your and the children's expectations.

A picture showing how the dolls are made

Local employment and empowerment

Watoto Arts is a work-integrating social enterprise. We create employment for individuals who have been excluded from the labor market, especially foreign-born women who have had difficulty finding work. For us, this is an important step towards a more inclusive society. By empowering women and mothers, we create the best conditions for a brighter future.

Dolls for life

Watoto Art dolls are carefully handcrafted and sewn to last a lifetime and withstand all types of play. Our skilled seamstresses put a lot of love and time into each doll. Every detail is crafted to perfection, with no shortcuts. We use strong and double stitching to ensure that the doll can withstand a lot of play throughout its life.

Non-toxic and organic

All our products are made from non-toxic fabrics that are tested and certified according to European standard EN71-3. This means that our products are not only safe for children but also for the environment. To ensure additional safety, our dolls have no loose parts that can come off and cause a choking hazard. All our products are washable, making them an ideal companion for children of all ages.

Climate footprint

Having the production in Sweden means that we have minimal transport links, which drastically reduces our carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment. We use locally produced and sustainable materials, which further reduces our ecological footprint.


We focus on making sustainable choices in every step of our business. When you receive your product, it is packaged in a plastic-free package that is protected by tissue paper. When you receive a product from us, you can therefore trust that not only the product is durable, but also the packaging.


We strive to minimize waste through careful planning and recycling. Leftover fabrics are donated to preschools to inspire children to create.

Do you want leftover fabrics from us? Contact Us!


We actively collaborate with local organizations, schools and private initiatives. We believe in giving back to the community that has supported us. Do you want to collaborate with us? Write to us!

Read more about our campaigns and collaborations here:

Breast cancer association , Henrik Wahlström , Caroline Farberger , Clowns without Borders

Thanks to you!

Watoto Arts is a family business that goes the extra mile for the children and for the planet. As a customer, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are supporting a business that respects both people and the planet.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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