Did you know that when a Watoto Arts doll moves to its new home, it has gone through many loving steps by our passionate seamstresses?

Click here to watch a video of our dolls coming to life!

Step 1. Sketch

Step 2.
Digitization of the sketch

Step 3. Fabrics are chosen with great care before being cut or punched into the various parts.

Step 4. The digital drawings are transferred to the embroidery machine that creates the doll's face.

Step 5. The doll is assembled, turned and filled.

Step 6. You choose the filling yourself: Recycled polyester or sheep's wool, what do you choose?

Step 7. We sew the doll's clothes and dress the doll.

Step 8.
The doll is carefully packed and sent to your home.

When you buy a Watoto Arts doll, you can therefore be sure that it:

🌱 Is responsibly manufactured in Sweden

🌱 Contributes with minimal carbon dioxide emissions

🌱 Has a quality that comes before quantity

August 26, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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