Dolls for a better society

We are proud to be able to present our collaboration with Henrik Wahlström, a person who has really made a difference in our society. Henrik has extensive experience in the TV industry as a director and creative director, but in 2008 his life took a new turn when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The diagnosis was the starting point for his new life path, where he actively works to support other people with burnout, stress and neuropsychiatric impairments (NPF).

Uppochner – A Symbol of Openness and Acceptance

Henrik started the campaign project Uppochner, a web shop where the surplus from sales is distributed to the organization Mind. Mind is an organization that works to create mental well-being for all people.

The Uppochner symbol indicates that the wearer has an open and accepting attitude towards mental illness. It is a symbol that shows support for those who are struggling and signals to those who are hiding a diagnosis that they have allies around them who would take the news well if they want to tell. The symbol has spread incredibly quickly in all possible levels of society, which shows its power and importance.

Dolls with hearts that make a difference

As part of our collaboration with Henrik Wahlström, we manufacture unique dolls that bear the Uppochner symbol. Each doll has its own story. These dolls are a symbol of a larger movement for openness and acceptance around mental illness. Read more about Nova and Noa's story here!

We are pleased to announce that 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these dolls will go to Mind. By supporting Mind, we help spread knowledge about mental well-being and improve the conditions for mental well-being for everyone.

Create a Positive Social Change

Our vision with this collaboration is to use our dolls as a means to create positive social change. By spreading the Uppochner symbol, we want to encourage more people to be open and accepting towards mental illness. We want our dolls to serve as a reminder that no one should have to struggle alone and that there is support to be had.

We strongly believe that small actions can lead to big changes. By purchasing a doll, you not only support an important cause, you also become part of a movement that strives to create a more inclusive and supportive society. Together with Henrik Wahlström and the organization Mind, we work to ensure that no one has to feel that they cannot talk about their mental health.

Let's work together to spread knowledge, understanding and acceptance. Every doll counts, every symbol counts, and every action counts. Together we can make a difference.

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