In connection with our dolls being sold at Bonnier's art gallery, an event was organized where we engaged in discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in play.

Together with Marie Cham and Caroline Farberger, we had a deep and intimate conversation where personal experiences were shared and where concrete tips on how to contribute to a more inclusive society were shared.

Big thanks to the audience and everyone who contributed to the conversation, you guys are amazing!

three women discuss diversity and inclusion

"This kind of meeting is so important, we have to talk to each other, listen, ask curious questions, grow together"

"The risk is great for exclusion when the norm is not questioned. The important thing is to become aware of those who are not represented in the room and to work for inclusion by opening doors and inviting when the opportunity exists"

Marie Cham is chairman of the National Association of Afro-Swedish people , with extensive experience in anti-racist work with a focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. As an active member of the National Organization of Afro-Swedish people, she has also participated in the social debate around issues related to Afrophobia and inequality. The importance of inclusion and representation in children's play is about giving all children the opportunity to participate in play, regardless of their skin color or ability.

Caroline Farberger is a business leader who currently works as a partner and chairman of the board for the investment company Wellstreet. She has a long background in leading positions in the financial industry and currently has several board assignments for financial companies. Caroline has previously lived as a man and is very committed to increased diversity and inclusion in business and society at large.

July 08, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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