Inger was born in 1942 and is 81 years old. She contacted us when she wanted to order a doll as a 1st birthday present for her great-grandchild Sally. During the time we emailed, I realized what a wise role model Inger is and I couldn't help but ask her if she wants to be interviewed by us.
Here comes Inger's story!

Why did you choose to buy a doll from Watoto?

Diversity, environmentally friendly and inclusive is so nice, it's something I want to talk to Sally about when she gets a little older. For the time being, one must try to show in action what applies
Today, individualism and one's own self have become so important. I miss humanism, generosity and solidarity. I want to pass that on to Sally.

Why did you choose the doll to be filled with wool?

The fact that I chose wool is because I prefer natural materials and know that much of the Swedish wool will never be used. I also know that my generation wasted the resources and I try to live as rightly as possible now.

"Sally is the one who makes me want to stick around for a while longer. I want her to understand that there are very old people too"

Tell us a little about your childhood, what toys did you play with?

I don't remember much from my own childhood, but we often made our own toys. Cones, sticks and stones could represent almost anything. I remember a friend and I putting the Huckleberry on carrots and pretending they were dolls being bathed under the farm pump. My lovely doll had a ceramic head and fabric body but could not take a bath.
When I got a little older, I liked books. Pippi, Kajsa Kavat and Pelle Svanslös, among others.

What toys did your own children play with?

I had my sons at the age of 23 and 25, in 1965 and 1967. Back then there were a lot of toys to buy. Cars of course, scale models in metal, (tried with a doll each which never got any appreciation) but above all Duplo and Lego and books. We lived in a residential area with many children and there was a lot of outdoor play. We mothers took turns looking after everyone's children and when the weather was worse, they were allowed to play indoors in most homes. I was a "housewife" for 13 years and at that time the family could live on 1 salary, the best years of my life. Although it was also great fun to get out into working life again!
It feels like I got to live in the best age and now I get really happy when I meet a person who tries to strive against the bad.

Are you curious about which doll Inger bought?

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Good luck and prosperity!
Great grandmother

August 03, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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