InventorJohanna & the scare machine

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"You're not allowed to join. Besides, you're too small," says a nasty type to Johanna and grabs her arm hard.

Oh! Johanna gets so angry! Too small to join? Johanna decides to invent a scare machine. A machine that will silence all task roaches and "you mustn't be with" types.

Inventor Johanna is an imaginative and inventive girl, when she comes across a problem she quickly invents a solution. Her motto is: "If it doesn't work one way, it works the other", is of great use when things never quite go as planned.

UpfinnarJohanna & the Scary Machine is a picture book that many little inventors can identify with. The books about Upfinnar-Johanna want to inspire children to think new and think freely when it comes to technical ideas and solutions. It also wants to increase girls' interest in technology.

NOVELTY! Let the book's story turn into puppet play, combine your book with the UpfinarJohann doll !

Said about the book:

The slightly cocky, inventive Johanna is a very good role model for both boys and girls. The stereotypical gender perspectives are stripped away and what remains is a story for children. The daughter identifies with Johanna and likes to feel brave and smart.

This is a book that many small inventors can identify with. But it is also a book about how it feels to not be included. Although the story also offers funny moments and at the end the siblings stick together. Various publishers have specialized in publishing books that challenge classic gender roles. It is also noticeable in this book about strong Johanna who refuses to give up.

Product information

Author: Ann-Christine Magnusson
Lovisa Lesse
Illustrator: Lovisa Lesse
Designer: Emili Svensson
Age: 3-6 years
ISBN: 9789188347282
Language Swedish
Weight: 226 grams
Publisher: Various Publishers
Number of pages: 26

InventorJohanna & the scare machine is printed on recycled EU flower-marked paper at a Nordic Swan-labelled printing house - good for our climate and for our children!

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