Soft Dolla Nova - Watoto Arts x Henrik Wahlström Up and Down

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My name is Nova and I love to play the piano. Pressing down the keys and hearing the sounds pouring out of the instrument gives me an amazing feeling, everything else disappears and I become absorbed in the music. When I play the piano I am super focused but when adults want me to do something else it can be difficult for me. I find it boring to sit still and eat food, and some dishes are even scary and I don't dare to taste them. Sometimes when the adults talk to me, I can zoom out, I can't hear what they are saying because I am in my imagination. I love being outdoors, where I can run and climb as much as I want and it helps me sleep well at night.

For each Nova doll, SEK 50 is donated to the organization MIND . In collaboration with Uppochner .nu

Feel free to match me with a doll or a baby and create your own doll family. You can also dress us in different outfits !

Nova is a doll that has brown skin color and black hair. Nova is 36 cm long.

The upside-down heart is a symbol that indicates that the wearer has an open and accepting attitude towards mental illness. On the one hand, you show support for those who are struggling, but also show those who keep a diagnosis secret that they have allies around them who would take the news in a good way if they want to tell.

All orders after December 16th will be shipped in January.

3 advantages of a Watoto Arts doll

  • Quality handmade dolls
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly dolls produced in Sweden
  • Wide representation among the dolls

3 advantages of puppet play

  • Develops empathy and social skills with inclusive dolls
  • Screen-free quality time
  • Soft dolls provide comfort and security

Wool or polyester?

At Watoto Arts, you have the opportunity to personally choose whether you want to fill your doll with sheep's wool or with recycled polyester. Both materials have fine properties.

Wool is a natural and biodegradable product that comes from sheep.

Polyester is an alternative that comes from recycled plastic.

Both materials make for a soft and cuddly doll. Both materials can be washed according to the washing instructions.