Yesterday I gave a presentation for Reach For Change where I showed this clip that touched many people. It is the famous dummy test that has been rehearsed in France by Alain Mabanckou and broadcast on the national TV channel France 2.

The children are asked 'which doll is the nicest', all the children point to the white doll. Then you ask the children 'which doll is the least beautiful', all the children point to the black doll.
The last child in the clip says: all the kids in my school are white and when I grow up I'm going to put cream on my face to be white 💔
Do you want to know the truth? It is not surprising that children respond the way they do given the society they grow up in. Look around and notice the norms and structures these children grow up in.

September 27, 2022 — Fatma Guettou

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