Did you know that playing with dolls can have a decisive influence on children's self-image and view of the world around them? Furthermore, by giving children the opportunity to play with toys that represent different people and experiences, we can contribute to a more equal and inclusive world.

Here are three reasons why representation around toys is important

1. Promotes inclusion and diversity

By having different types of representation in toys, for example different genders, ethnicities, body types and functional variations, inclusion and diversity are promoted. This helps children feel seen, represented and included. When children see themselves represented in the toys they play with, they have the opportunity to recognize themselves and strengthen their identity.

2. Develops empathy and understanding

Children get the opportunity to learn about and understand people, cultures and experiences. By playing with inclusive toys, children can develop empathy, compassion and understanding of differences. This helps to reduce stereotypes and promotes tolerance and respect for other people.

3. Strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem

When children see that there are toys that represent different qualities, interests or professions, they can be inspired and feel encouraged to follow their own dreams and interests. This can lead to increased self-confidence and belief in one's own ability to achieve one's goals regardless of what stereotypes or expectations society may have.

Tip! Inclusive dolls also provide an opportunity for adults to talk to children about diversity and inclusion. To help them in a simple way to develop empathy and understanding for other people's experiences and perspectives

Here you will find all our inclusive dolls, as usual you can choose whether you want your doll filled with Swedish wool or with recycled polyester.

June 12, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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