The world's best InventorJohanna, welcome to our family!
We are so proud to have received the trust and the rights to create the first UppfinnarJohanna doll for the popular children's books about UppfinnarJohanna's adventures.
uppfinnarjohanna docka

Inventor-Johanna is a character in a Swedish children's book series. She loves to invent and create new things. Inventor Johanna is an inventor, she sees solutions where others see problems. She wants to inspire children to think new and think freely when it comes to solving problems. Johanna is creative, resourceful and always full of ideas. She uses her imagination and technical skills to build inventions. The series is known for inspiring children to explore their own creativity and ingenuity.

uppfinnarjohanna docka och bok
Combine your UpfinnaJohanna doll with a book and let the stories of UpfinnaJohanna's adventures move into the magical world of the doll play

Remember that for every doll you buy, 5% of the price goes to Clowns without Borders' important work for children in war

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