About us

Wato-Arts is a Swedish company that designs and creates dolls where representation and sustainability are core values. Through our dolls in different skin colors, family constellations and functional variations, we create the conditions for inclusive play that challenges norms and encourages children's imagination. While we work hard to improve the toy market, we are determined to do so with the least possible negative impact on the environment. All our products are carefully designed and manufactured by hand in Solna. We have created a short, sustainable production chain that allows us to manufacture safe toys that last for generations. All of our dolls are handcrafted from fabrics carefully selected by our team.

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Internship and degree project at!

Right now we are looking for driven interns and graduate workers who want to be part of our team. Thanks to our domestic production chain, you get a unique insight into the entire production, from concept to finished doll. As we are a small team, the tasks are flexible and varied, you are involved from idea to product sale.

This is a valuable opportunity to be part of Sweden's only doll manufacturer that creates inclusive dolls.

We are a learning business that is constantly developing. Do you have an idea for a project that you want to pursue? Let us know, maybe there is something we can do together!

The internship is located in Solna and we are looking for you who have the following qualities:




Team player



Job description

Design and produce dolls and doll clothes

Material selection and textile research

Develop and test new models

Create tech packs and flowcharts


We look forward to your application and apply continuous selection. Send your application to hello@watotoarts.com mark " internship "

The length of the internship can vary, we will find something that suits us both. We are constantly accepting interns.




Give a meaningful gift to employees who are expecting a raise!

Our handmade dolls represent all children and help children develop empathy and self-esteem.

Our award-winning dolls are carefully designed and manufactured by hand in Stockholm. Through a short and sustainable production chain, we can manufacture safe toys that last for generations - while creating employment for newly arrived seamstresses and thus contributing to a more tolerant and inclusive society.


By purchasing our dolls, you contribute to:

  • A sustainable future
  • That more children get an inclusive doll
  • A positive societal change
  • The possibility of self-sufficiency for newly arrived seamstresses

We are happy to book a meeting where we can tell you more and help you choose dolls.

“Thank you for making it possible for my son to be the main character when he plays with the dolls”
Dockor som för oss samman
"There is a fight at every layover about who will sleep with the doll"
“I never recognized myself in my dolls when I was little. Now I finally have a doll that feels just right for my child"