In a world where sustainability and inclusion are increasingly important, we at Watoto Arts are proud to be recognized as part of a prestigious group working towards a more sustainable future. Our commitment to creating Swedish-made, inclusive dolls has not only touched hearts but also marked us as one of the 100 profiles leading the way towards a greener and more inclusive trade.

Our Mission: Inclusion and Sustainability

At Watoto Arts, we are more than just toy manufacturers. We are visionaries who believe in the power of play as a vehicle for social change. By creating dolls that reflect diverse backgrounds, physical abilities and cultures, we strive to build a world where every child can see themselves in play and feel they belong.

Swedish production: for a sustainable future

Our determination to manufacture our products locally in Sweden is proof of our commitment to sustainability. By reducing transport distances and supporting local communities, we contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and promote a greener economy. Our dolls are not just toys; they are made with care and respect for our planet.

A Place in the Spotlight

To be selected as one of the 100 profiles who want to work for a more sustainable future is a great honor for us at Watoto Arts. This recognition from Swedish Trade is proof of our hard work and our dedication to sustainability and inclusion. We this award with leaders, entrepreneurs, sustainability managers and zealots who fight every day to make commerce greener and more inclusive. It is through joint efforts and shared visions that we can take small steps towards big changes.

The future is inclusive and sustainable

We at Watoto Arts will continue our work and strive for even bigger goals. We are convinced that every child deserves to see themselves represented in play and that our planet deserves to be treated with respect and care.

Together we can make a difference!

March 01, 2024 — Fatma Guettou

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