Watoto Arts – A gem among stones

Many find that trying to balance important values ​​with the company can be difficult, especially when you have several set goals to fulfill. Through time and with the development of the company, it is easy for these values ​​to disappear from work and thoughts.

During my wonderful internship weeks at Watoto Arts, I have witnessed fulfilled promises and constant work towards sustainable development.

From a small doll atelier located in Solna, Fatma and Hamid have managed to create a business where every product radiates the joy of these values. Namely inclusive play and environmental friendliness. As an intern, I (Sandra) have been able to participate and contribute to these important developments that shape the society around us. Above all, it is a rare opportunity for a young intern like me, to be part of the business and come up with ideas.

The work here has varied from sewing the dolls, to designing clothes and discussions about further development. The entire doll sewing process is filled with environmentally friendly processes. Everything from the choice of fabric and fabric cutting to the stuffing of the doll and the accessories, are carefully carried out. Little fabric waste and climate-smart materials are an everyday sight at Watoto Arts, which I, as a sewing student, am very happy to see. The business that I have witnessed has constantly developed in a sustainable way and is always looking for new opportunities to use more environmentally friendly materials. It is not often that you come across businesses that apply their entire production to convey their values.

With the doll, the children can feel like the main character in their play, while at the same time contributing to a smaller climate impact. After all, the children are the future, which Watoto Arts values ​​very much. Inclusive play contributes to the children's learning about empathy for their fellow human beings who have varying appearances than themselves. This, in my opinion, builds a stable foundation for future respectful community interactions. With a loving community building and environmentally friendly production, we can create a sustainable future together.

Not all children in the world have this opportunity to play with dolls. Therefore, I look forward to future collaborations that will strengthen children's rights and reduce climate impact.

All children should have the right to play with dolls, not the obligation to create them.

January 15, 2023 — Fatma Guettou

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