Does your child have a snot?

Did you have a crush as a kid?

Did you know that snutis are also called transitional objects? They are important for the child's psychological development. After all, toddlers cannot reason themselves into comfort, but must have a concrete object whose purpose is to provide comfort and calm. This is also why many children feel a special attachment to their little one and that parents do everything to keep the little one from leaving.

The Snuttis often consists of a stuffed animal with kind facial features and a soft body that is huggable for the little ones.

Here are 5 reasons why pacifiers and pacifiers are important for children:

  1. Safety and security - snitties act as a safe and familiar presence for the child, it gives a feeling of security and stability.
  1. The children's sleep quality - By having a snooty by their side, the nighttime can be easier and faster. It can also make it easier for other family members to put the baby to bed.
  1. Emotional development - Snacks give the child an opportunity to deal with emotions and challenges. It is an important part of emotional development.
  1. Source of comfort during separation - When parents are not present, the snooze can be a source of comfort for the child. It will be an extension of the parents' presence and can make schooling easier.
  1. Routines and Structure - Snuttisen can be integrated into various routines, such as reading a book or before bedtime. It helps the child understand and follow routines, which creates a sense of structure in everyday life.

Parenting is not only about satisfying physical needs, but also about promoting the child's psychological development. An interesting aspect of this is linked to the use of snuff boxes or snuff blankets. Here are 5 scientific proofs that using snuffle blankets promotes children's psychological development.

  1. One Snutefelt acts as a safety object and creates a safe base that facilitates exploration of the outside world.
  1. Children who have access to one snuttefelt has an easier time self-regulating their emotions and dealing with stress.
  1. the sleeping blanket creates a safe and familiar atmosphere that facilitates the transition to sleep and can reduce awake nights.
  1. By projecting their own feelings onto snuttefelt , the child can practice empathy and emotional understanding.
  1. During periods of major change or developmental milestones, such as starting preschool or going through separations, can snutte blanket act as a reliable support for the child.

Here you can find our organic and locally produced snuff blankets

Choosing a snitch or snuttefelt that is made in Sweden from organic material means that you not only take care of your child's well-being, but also of the environment and the future. Organic materials are kind to sensitive skin and minimize exposure to chemicals. Locally produced alternatives reduce the environmental impact by reducing the transport distance and supporting local businesses.

Let's create a safe and sustainable future for our little ones by making conscious choices from the earliest moments of their lives.

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