Watoto Arts Made Caroline Farberger's First Doll

At Watoto Arts, we pride ourselves on creating handmade, organic dolls that are not just toys, but also stories of sustainability and inclusion. A particularly memorable moment for us was when we had the opportunity to make Caroline Farberger's first doll. Caroline Farberger is an outstanding entrepreneur, leader and role model. Caroline is known for her work in promoting equality and diversity in the business world.

A Special Gift

When we first heard that Caroline Farberger inta had a doll as a little boy, we felt we wanted to contribute with her first doll. It's never too late to get your first doll and for Caroline Farberger it took 50 years!

The creation of Caroline's First Doll

Caroline told us that as a little boy she used to look at fashion magazines and dream away among all the nice dresses.

To create Caroline's doll, our team of seamstresses came together and planned every detail. We wanted the doll to reflect Caroline's strength and elegance while also being inspired by the dresses she looked at in fashion magazines as a child. The material we chose is ecological and sustainable, which is a cornerstone of our work.

The Moment of Surrender

When we handed over the doll to Caroline, it was a moment filled with emotion. Caroline finally received her first doll and expressed her gratitude and shared how much the doll meant to her. It was a nice moment that confirmed that our work is not just about creating products, but about building bridges between people and fostering a deeper understanding of each other.

The future of Watoto Arts

We at Watoto Arts are determined to continue our journey in social entrepreneurship. Every doll we make is part of a larger vision of a more sustainable and inclusive world.
We look forward to creating more stories and spreading joy with our handmade, organic dolls. Together we can make a difference, one doll at a time.

Thank you for supporting our vision!

Here you can see the full video of when Caroline Farberger gets her first doll!

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