Play is an important part of a child's development and there are many different toys that can promote learning and creativity. A toy that has sometimes been reserved for girls is the doll. In this blog entry we will look at five reasons why it is important for boys to play with dolls.

1. Develops empathy and social skills

Playing with dolls gives boys the opportunity to explore and develop their social and emotional skills. By caring for dolls, boys learn to be empathetic and caring. They get the opportunity to practice communicating, sharing and collaborating. These are important skills that will be useful in life.

2. Promotes imaginative play and creativity

Playing with dolls stimulates the imagination and creativity of boys. By creating their own stories and scenarios with the dolls, they get an outlet for their imagination and can explore different roles and situations. This helps develop problem solving skills.

3. Breaks stereotypes and promotes equality

By encouraging boys to play with dolls, we can break gender stereotypes and promote gender equality. Playing with dolls helps show boys that caring and responsibility are important qualities that everyone can have. It creates an understanding that gender roles are not limiting and that everyone has the right to choose their own interests and games.

4. Increases understanding and respect for different perspectives

By playing with dolls that represent different cultures and lifestyles, boys have the opportunity to learn about differences and develop an openness to different perspectives. This can help reduce prejudice and promote tolerance and respect for diversity in society.

5. Care

Playing with dolls gives boys an opportunity to learn about caring roles at an early stage. By caring for dolls, they gain an understanding of being part of a responsible and loving team. It gives them the opportunity to develop skills such as feeding, dressing and comforting their dolls. These experiences can be valuable as they grow up to take on caring roles in their lives.


Playing with dolls is an enriching and important activity for boys. Through playing with dolls, they develop empathy and social skills, promote imaginative play and creativity, break stereotypes and promote gender equality, increase understanding and respect for different perspectives and prepare for future caring roles. It is important that we encourage and support boys to explore different games and interests without being limited by gender stereotypes. By giving them the opportunity to play with dolls, we give them a broader view of the world and promote their personal and social development.

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