Baby - Sara

99 kr


Combine your doll with a baby and let the children's imagination decide what the games will be about!

The baby is 11 cm long and fits perfectly into the pocket of the clothes .

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We at Watoto arts want to improve the toy market by challenging norms and creating the conditions for inclusive play that develops children's creativity, emotional intelligence and empathy.

Through our short and durable production, we can offer dolls of different skin colors, different hair colors and different functional variations. Use our dolls to create your own doll family, could it be a rainbow family or a funky family?

We see our dolls as a tool to neutralize society's norms and contribute to a safer future. The dolls are therefore designed to encourage children (and adults) to talk about cultural-ethnic-religious- and functional-variations while highlighting that we are equally valuable.


The doll has a soft and cuddly shape with a kind facial expression. She provides many opportunities for open-ended play, training of fine motor skills, empathy and sensory stimulation. The doll is made of 100% cotton fabric, has embroidered facial features and is filled with 100% global recycled standard polyester filling.

Washing advice

Hand wash 30° C

About us

Watoto Arts is a Swedish company where the entire production chain takes place locally in Stockholm. Our watchwords are inclusive play and sustainability. Each product is unique, just like each child!

While we work hard to improve the toy market, we are determined to do so with the least possible negative impact on the environment. In addition to our short production chain, we use all leftover fabric to create accessories. Nothing goes to waste and we are proud of that!