Why is it important that we create conditions where our children can learn more about diversity?

Well, partly because we want our children to grow up to be empathetic and aware fellow human beings who stand up for their friends when they see injustice.

But how can we create these conditions?

9 tips on activities to do at home with the children

  1. Hang up a world map, go through the names of countries and where they are located
  2. Cook a dish from a country whose food you don't know
  3. Read children's books that challenge stereotypes and are creative with norms
  4. Listen to music from a country whose music you don't know
  5. Play with toys that represent everyone and break the norm
  6. Make a family tree
  7. Select a civilrights activist and learn more about him
  8. Stand up in a local organization that raises cultural awareness
  9. Choose a holiday and learn more about it


I have collected these tips in the form of a bingo, feel free to print the picture and let yourself be inspired and tick as many boxes as you can!

Game plan for world bingo


November 11, 2021 — Fatma Guettou

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