Here comes a unique insight into how we developed the sheep's latest product, the snuff blanket. All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden from environmentally friendly and durable materials.

Meet Luwam, she will tell you about how we came up with our newest product: the ice cream !

Luwam shows our production of snitches

We wanted to develop a product for the very little ones

Luwam shows our production

We want to evoke feelings of security and warmth and at the same time inspire play and exploration.

snuff blanket

We tested different shapes and materials

we test different shapes and colors of the snuff ice

We decided that a snuff blanket is the perfect complement to our dolls

the snitch is made

After careful work, carefully selected materials and a lot of the vessel, it is finally ready!

snutti's snutte blanket created with love

January 07, 2024 — Fatma Guettou

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